The combination of lemon and baking soda has 10,000 times more stronger effect than chemotherapy! Why was this fact kept as a secret? Being totally aware of the powerful properties lemon provides is completely opposite to the interest some world organizations have. For that reason, we recommend you share this article and help a friend who needs it! Do you have any idea of th
e recent

Are You Eating Lab Created Genetically Modified Frankenfoods and Don’t Know It?

The Six Mistakes Health Nuts Make With Their Diet... MORE

New Proven Ways To Prevent and Treat Arthritis...MORE

The Fundamental Human Right To Know What We Are Eating

Are You Eating 'embalming fluid' and Don’t Know It? The 5 Keys to Reverse Heart Disease

What If Food Ads Had To List The Side Effects Like Prescription Drugs On TV?
A country that lives off of sugar and cheap animal grease has woken up to chronic ailments but can't figure out where it's all coming from. Example of fast food commercial: Did you get your burger, fries and cola today? Side effects include constipation, irritable bowels, anal leakage, congestive heart failure, Alzheimer's and loss of will to exercise. Typical corporate cereal commercial: Have you had your..

11 Killing Foods That Rob Your Intelligence
When it comes to nutrition, it must be mentioned that there are all sorts of foods: some super-foods are your greatest allies against extra pounds, while others stimulate your cognitive function and improve your memory. On the other hand, some foods are known to have a devastating effect on your brain functioning, and nutritionists advise us to consume them moderately in order to limit their nega

Are You Eating Boxed Cereal For Breakfast Or Giving It To Your Kids?
According to (NaturalNews) breakfast cereals are a multi-billion dollar industry. Unpublished studies have shown that rats eating the boxes of cereals lived longer than those eating the cereal itself. The large corporate food industry with its many lobbyists has successfully kept all research on the dangers of cold cereals out of published journals. A healthy breakfast include

New Treatment For Enlarged Prostate
If you are suffering from benign prostate hyperplasia (enlarged prostate) show this article to your doctor. There is a new natural treatment for an enlarged prostate. There is an instrument very similar to a cystoscope that delivers an 8 to 10 second blast of steam straight

What Are The Elements of Pain And Suffering?
There are those who have been painfully dragging their bodies around all day long and want freedom from pain in their consciousness..

Natural Cure For Stage Fright
If you experience stage fright or if you are shy, quite your mind and know that within yourself is all the power you need to persuade or convince your audience. Performers or actors that have extraordinary abilities have a kind of throat chocking fear before entering the stage. Fear prevents you from acting naturally as it causes panic or nervousness. However, when the actor plays a role over an.

This Diet Is Killing People
There are astonishing new studies that reveal the food industry is changing the kinds of natural foods we are eating. There is a hidden poison they are putting in our foods

Is Your Cookware Slowly Poisoning Your Family?
WHY YOU SHOULD SKIP THE NON-STICKNon-stick surfaces are metal pans (such as aluminum pans) coated with a synthetic polymer called polytetrafluoroetheylene (PTFE), also known as Teflon, a DuPont brand trademark. Toxic fumes from the Teflon chemical released from pots and pans at high temperatures may kill pet birds and cause people to develop flu-like symptoms (called "Teflon Flu" or, as scientists..more »

Are Vitamins Dangerous? The Latest Findings
In a recent study by the Mayo Clinic there were worries concerning the dangers of taking vitamins. Dr. Blaylock finds the..

Big Pharma Another Useless Pill For A Fake Disease
Ever heard of "shift work disorder?" It's a new disease being played up by the pharmaceutical industry to sell drugs so dangerous that even the home page of the drug website admits the drug may kill you...MORE

A Baby Aspirin A Day Versus Statin Drugs. Which Works Best

What your physician and you don't know can kill you. Most doctors practicing conventional medicine are comparable to drug company reps giving out statin drugs like homemade cookies. Most doctors should be wary of prescribing either one but some prescribe both. Aspirin causes our stomach to...MORE

A Disease Medical Science Has Not Yet Acknowledged
There is physical disease, mental disease, emotional disease, spiritual disease, karmic disease. Now let me reveal to you a side which the science of our days, the medical science has not acknowledged...

Healing Where The Surgeons Knife and The Doctors Medicine Cannot Reach
There is a mental, chemical or physical approach in treating diseases. The majority of people use the physical approach using drugs and surgical procedures. However there are many serious illnesses medical science cannot heal...

Karma and Your Physical Appearance
Do you think for one minute that your physical looks and body was designed by God alone? No my friend, you have contributed much work on it. With wrong thoughts and actions you will see faces that reflect much cruelty and bad actions. You see your appearance reflects like a mirror of your past actions. You have...

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When Do You See The light At The Point Between The Eyebrows?.MORE

Do You Think You Know What Is The Foundation Of Our Universe?

When The Sands of Your Karma Run Out
When its your time to leave your body.More

The Guru Reveals The Three Mysteries Of Baptism By Water

What Is The Fundamental Cause Of Rebirth?

A Gladiatorial Boot Camp Within A Penitentiary Colony For Spiritually Retarded People
Or A School of Wisdom For Immortals? The shadows of light that shape the contrasts essential to create God's universal cosmic movie. On the dark backdrop of evil you see the white purity of righteousness demonstrating its virtue. All children of God must go through testing by cosmic delusion in order to acquire good judgment which enables man to differentiate good from evil and equally possess the will power to surmount all trials and tests to finally become liberated from...MORE

Protocol For Friendly and Unfriendly Co-Workers
Do not discuss anything personal with your co-workers, especially about your income, home life and personal beliefs. It is okay to discuss...

How to Find Your True Vocation
Children by the millions start their life's path with no certain destination. Take a small toy engine, wind it up and see it run without a track and it smashes into anything that crosses its path. Most people, early in life start out on life's journey aimlessly...

Gossip in the Workplace - The Expert's Opinion Versus the Spiritual Master
Those who are called experts share some of their revelations about gossip in the workplace in the next four paragraphs and after that follows the judgment of the spiritual master.

The Wrong Questions For Beginners At Work
There are questions that backfire. Dangerous questions, smug questions, and silly questions make you look dumb. Not all questions will make you look dumb it depends if your question is dealing with-

Are You Being Prejudged At Work By Your Appearance?
Spitefully judging or criticizing others shows a reflection of...

Are You Touchy or Over Sensitive from the Barbs of Co-workers, Relatives and Others?
The master from India tells us there is a psychology of touchiness. What is touchiness? Touchiness itself is a thought of being insulted that runs through our minds, from which our nervous system rebels in opposition against it...

Financial Security Or Security Guard
Many people want to grow and be more successful. And success means different things to different people...

How To Change Others At Work
The people we work with can affect how we feel about our job because of our working relationships with them. First, we must remember not to allow the bad behavior of others to steal our peace of mind. We all know how hard it is to hold our tongue and remain mentally calm when we are irritated by other people...

How to Sell a Dead Horse
There is more to success than what you see on the surface...

No Horse is Too Dead to Beat!
For these and many other reasons any horse is worth persistence, persistence and more persistence...

How to Sell a Dead Horse Online
Dress up your horse!

The Master Says: Visualization For Prosperity Is
The power of visualization is limited without the power of “astral forces” to gain wealth. Why use the limited power of visualization when you can use “astral forces” to gain success. There is a secret source for prosperity, mental power and peace. Most people who use the power of visualization and affirmations do obtain limited success...

How to Become Prosperous in a World Crisis
The masters from the east are trying to teach us the mind is far greater than its inventions. Why spend time acquiring products of the mind if the cost is losing the all accomplishing mind itself. Give more time to the science of controlling the mental machinery of the mind factory to create success,...

The World's Best Kept Secret
There is a force that can discover treasures and uncover hidden riches of which we never envisioned. There is a power that we can call upon to give us all we ever need. You will uncover the value of truthful principles that will work for you if...

Relationships: Dating: Marriage:

The Cosmic Romance...Attract Your Soul-Mate and True Love With A Secret Affirmation
Many people recognize that the feeling or the attraction they have for their friends and relatives is love and think it unnecessary to analyze...

Is The Only true Friend A Past Life Friend? Did We Meet Before?
Is there a test to determine which friends are true friends from the past? Yes, I will explain.

Should You Marry a Non-Spiritual Person?
Is it ok to marry a non-spiritual person? He replied “no, here’s why,...

True Soul Mates. Do They Really Exist?
True soul mates do really exist but in life, we get what we deserve; but...


Expert Niches

Astrologers Take Notice
Your horoscope can have a...

Is Astrology A True Science Part II. Out Witting The Stars
Part II continues. This is a very deep and vast subject and you will not find these answers in "Astrology for Dummies" at your local book store, or from

What's The Fate Of Those With Wicked Karma? *****
Have you convinced yourself that you utterly refuse to be treated the same way a human animal is and you will not be bound by the sluggish progress of natural evolution. If you don't you...

Can Bad Karma Be Erased, Forgiven Or Expunged?
These are words of warning for people who become complacent and assume themselves as rightfully virtuous and secure. They so far have not had the misfortune visited upon others...

The Wonder Technique for Burning off Bad Karma
Most people believe that karmic seeds from the past remain buried in the superconsciousness and subconscious mind which consists of three...

Who Are The Judges
At Death?
Your subconscious mind has within it an entire dossier where you shall be judged at the end of your life. At the end of every incarnation you will be presented with all the records of your subconscious mind, the specific dossier of every thought, word, feeling and...

What Is The Foundation Of Our Universe? Do You Think You Know?
The very foundation of the universe and everything in it rests upon the laws of equilibrium that is why in the Hindu Sanskrit the etymology of nature is known as Prakr.ti or that which can work beautifully by itself. Now what does that mean? The sages have taught through the millenniums the structure of the laws of harmony. They revealed to those who could understand there is a play of unseen for..

Have You Seen Glimpse's of The Fourth Dimension?
How to determine if you are clairvoyant.

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The Battle of Supremacy Between The Ego and The Soul
As explained so clearly in the eastern scriptures the Bhagavad-Gita there is an endless war that wages between the body Kurukshetra with its whole army of old veteran warriors the ego consciousness and the other side, the soul battling for supremacy called The Battlefield of Life.

Spiritual Eye
The conscious mind is used as an instrument through which the soul transmits knowledge to our physical brain. This instrument then gradually establishes a close relationship with the soul until they become literally one and knowledge merges into wisdom…

What Are the Karmic Consequences For Abortion?
There is a big difference between what the so-called experts are telling us and what the true masters and sages are warning us about....

America’s Good Karma. Can It Protect Her?
Any drastic or sudden action of any coalition in America or in the politics of the world should...

What is My Karmic Fate For Murder?
Someone anonymously presented this question to the spiritual guru from India. If you have committed murder...

Eastern Versus Western Karma
There are two ways to study karma, the Eastern and the Western way. In the West your thoughts are not considered evil unless someone commits evil actions. But Eastern ethics tell us otherwise. When our thoughts and feelings are ...

How Does The World Today Affect Our Individual Karma
What is the difference between karma and fate? Karma is not fate; fate is when you are not making any spiritual effort and therefore you are totally manipulated by mass karma. What is our karma from the world today?What determines if we live or die...

Sexual Karma Explained
Sexual immorality frequently controls otherwise ethical and moral persons despite their eagerness and purpose to pursue the acceptance of moral correctness. As soon as one is stimulated by act or thought, the sexual force...

Going To The Astral Plane-What is it Like?
What are the metaphysics of life and death? Death transitions our soul from the physical body to an astral one and then the astral body transfers to the beautiful luminous astral world. What does it feel like when you...


What Kind of Yoga Leads You To Realization?
There are different phases and types of Yoga. For those of you in `Rio Linda` by definition yoga means Union, there is Jnana Yoga the Yoga of Knowledge or Wisdom. This is the most difficult path, requiring strength of will and intellect, Hatha Yoga the bodily activity for perfection of the body, karma Yoga the Yoga of action to act selflessly, without thought of gain or reward. Bhakti Yoga a state..more »

Cancer The Karmic Accelerator...More

How To Measure Spiritual Progress For The Spiritually Literate
How can spiritual progress be measured in the material world? Start by measuring their peace-giving qualities according to the subtle transformations in your inner consciousness. There are certain signs of progress for only those on the path. The following are some of the true signs of advancement. But unlike intellectual accomplishments, spiritual progress is so subtle that it is extremely diffi..more »

Spiritual Orphans of The World
Some are destined to live in times of social upheaval, massive unemployment and war, victims of a painful destiny unable to find peace in the past or comfort in the present time. They suffer from cosmic amnesia; they don’t know where they came from, who they are, where they are going or...

The Master Says "This Is The Fate For Those Who Do Not Meditate"
Some questions were presented about meditation and these are the answers from the teachings of a great spiritual master from India. Why is it so important for me to meditate?...

Unleashing The True Power of Concentration
Do you know what the gateway to heaven is? It is the dormant power of concentration within you. There are caves of power that lie entrenched and unexplored right inside you, what if you could be trained to knowingly be in command to use the powers within you, you can accomplish...

*Evolution Explained By A Spiritual Master.
The prevalence of matter in front of our eyes in the form of entities and objects blocks our perception of the full truth. Disbelieving...

Can You Break The Endless Cycle Of Reincarnation With A Guru?
The guru knows the secret thoughts of men and is able to manipulate certain mechanical features of the laws of karma which can be skillfully adjusted by his fingers of wisdom and a true...

Are You Spiritual? Here is The Real Definition of Spirituality
In the path of spirituality results being intangible are principally psychological, real, long-lasting and eternally valuable. How can spiritual progress be measured in the material world? By measuring their peace-giving qualities according to the subtle...

Ghosts and Tramp Souls - How Do They Invade and Possess The Body?
What are tramp souls? They are astral beings who are earthbound because of their attachments and strong material urges desirous to return to a physical form and roam around in the ether to satisfy their need for sense pleasures. The spiritual master tells us these beings are

How To Immediately Spot A Liar
The mundane way of spotting a liar is through the verbal signs of deception and the reading of body language. Those who are called experts reveal some of their secrets on how to look and listen for a lie. For example there are many ways people divulge their lies. First is learning what...

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Is The Only true Friend A Past Life Friend? Did We Meet Before?
Is there a test to determine which friends are true friends from the past? Yes, I will explain. What a wonderful experience it is to recognize and meet somebody you knew before...

Are You Required To Work If You Don’t Have To?
Is it ok to skip working if your well off and just meditate?In an initial affair of the heart with the Infinite in the path of meditation those who want to advance spiritually forsake the course of action feeling it be unnecessary to work. This of course makes the man or...

Cosmic UCLA
For those of you who are not on a spiritual path, the following paragraphs may be hard to swallow...

You Are Dreaming You Are Alive and You Will Dream You Are Dead
Our senses deceive us because they tell just the most superficial properties of matter. The senses do not tell the truth and if they did you would see this planet as glaciers and rivers of electrons moving as a mass of light...

Why Most People Can’t Concentrate Correctly and Meditate
There are many paths and scores of teachers with different explanations of meditation and real meditation has nothing in common with the unscientific techniques of breath control taught by a host of ill-advised zealots. Lets clear up some misconceptions about...

Self Improvement: Positive Attitude

Charisma: Assembly Required
Do you suffer froma lake of charisma?

Acquiring Money Through Luck
Do you want to become a millionaire? Are you willing to pay the price? Visualization and willpower alone are not enough to make or give you the rank and position of becoming a millionaire...

Are You One of The Walking Dead? Bodily Freedom is Not Real Freedom. Classify Yourself.
It is truly rare to see a "free" man. Most men and women think they are free while their consciousness is completely shackled in psychological chains. These are not like ordinary chains for in their...

A Warning For Anyone in Your Family Attending Public Schools
The youth today hears in middle schools and colleges that human beings are basically a "higher animal" and frequently become...

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